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Latest Dividend

Note: On 19 August 2011 Telecom announced that it would change its dividend payments from quarterly to half-yearly. This change was to align the dividends with the half-yearly reporting cycle.

The first semi-annual dividend was paid on 5 April 2012 for ordinary shareholders, and 13 April 2012 for ADR holders.

H1 FY14 Ordinary Dividends
Ordinary Shares 8.0 cents
American Depositary Shares *US 32.82 cents
"Ex" dividend dates
New Zealand Stock Exchange 19 Mar 2014
Australia Stock Exchange 17 Mar 2014
American Depositary Shares 18 Mar 2014
Books closing dates
New Zealand, Australia Stock Exchanges 21 Mar 2014
American Depositary Shares 20 Mar 2014
Payment dates
New Zealand, Australia 11 Apr 2014
American Depositary Shares 18 Apr 2014

* Based on an exchange rate at 31 December 2013 of NZ$1.00 to US$0.8206 and a ratio of five ordinary shares per one American Depositary Share. The actual exchange rate used for conversion is determined in the week prior to payment when the Bank of New York performs the physical currency conversion.

The dividend will be imputed at 75% of the corporate tax rate, and a supplementary dividend of 1.0588 cps, will be paid to those shareholders who are not tax resident in New Zealand.

A Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) is available for holders whose shares are registered on the NZ and Australian stock exchanges. The strike price for the DRP is calculated as the Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) over the five business days commencing the NZX ex date. Management does not intend to buy-back on market an approximately equivalent number of shares issued under the Plan.