Investing in Telecom

Telecom provides fixed, mobile and IT products and services to consumer, small and medium-sized enterprise (SME), corporate, enterprise and wholesale customer segments with:

  • Over 1 million fixed line residential and SME customers in New Zealand;
  • Over 2 million mobile connections (consumer and business) in New Zealand;
  • Over 800,000 fixed and mobile internet and broadband customers in New Zealand;
  • Over 3,000 business clients across Australasia using Gen-i's ICT services; and
  • Over 6,000 business and 300 wholesale customers in Australia using AAPT's services.

Today, Telecom has a significant level of operational scale within the New Zealand telecommunications market, with assets including;

  • the PSTN network equipment for fixed line calling;
  • the XT 3G mobile network;
  • national backhaul networks;
  • a 50% ownership interest in the Southern Cross international cable; and
  • one of Australia's most extensive fixed IP networks.

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